Interior Styling Tips

At Enhance Furnishing we strive to “enhance” your space. Whether your space is your living room, bedroom, office or dining room, we are here to help.

It is important that you find your Interior Style. Just because your style may not be “in fashion” right now, does not mean it is wrong. Draw inspiration from several sources such as creating a Moodboard,  Searching Pinterest, Instagram, Magazines or web searches. Your Interior Style will continuously change over time and little changes in your space can sometimes be enough.

Try to keep in mind that you are the one choosing for YOUR space, make it for yourself and your companions- and listen to the experts. Creating a space around you and your family is a fun and exciting venture, embrace the creativity. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your pieces:

  1. It can be beautiful as well as comfortable! If your in love with the look but it is not comfortable, its not right for you.
  2. Be practical. Consider who will be using this space, for example: If you have children and pets- think EASY care, EASY clean surfaces. A fabric sofa or dining chair may look fabulous and feel great, but would it be more practical in Leather or Vinyl?
  3. Measure and Measure again! Measure it three times to be sure. If a custom piece is specifically made to your specifications but is 20mm too big- it’s a potential disaster.
  4. Delivery access. Consider where and how the pieces you have selected will be delivered- Will it fit in the buildings lift? Or will it need to be carried up stairs? This is important because most pieces can be made in sections to accommodate tight access.
  5. Get samples. These are important to ensure the colour looks right in YOUR space. Light changes everything. You think it is perfect Online or in a Showroom, but colour changes with surrounding light. Day light, Night light, Overhead light and Mood lighting can all change the appearance of colour. Be sure to take samples to your space to be certain it is right for you.

Whether your redecorating or designing a completely new space, it can be over whelming for some people. We are here to help. Drop us an email or give a call in our Auburn Showroom (Opening soon).

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